Accu-Steel waste management and waste decontamination facilities are a perfect fit for recycling operations and solid waste storage. They’re built to resist corrosive materials and protect the outside environment from contamination, unlike traditional waste management buildings. Closed-end buildings are also available to help seal in the odor that accompanies typical solid waste storage applications.

Having effective waste management is important for every business. That is why Accu-Steel strives to supply you with waste management and storage facilities that are sturdy and functional enough to contain waste and prevent problems from occurring. We will build a waste management facility that covers all of the individual needs of our specific business. Feel free to contact us to learn more about waste management facilities made my Accu-Steel.


Benefits of Fabric Waste Management Facilities

Energy Savings: The natural light our buildings let in reduces electricity usage. Effective ventilation and air volume improve air quality as well.

Protection from the Elements: High-level protection from outside elements means reduced opportunity for groundwater impact from solid waste storage.

Attractive Designs: Our buildings offer comfortable, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing surroundings that hide solid waste storage.

Eco-Friendly: Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings are made from recyclable materials so that you can be sure you’re being eco-friendly in your decisions.

Industry-Leading Warranty: We offer a 20-year steel and fabric warranty to back our products, the best in the industry.

Durability: Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology, the most durable fabric cover available on the market, meaning your building will stand up to all sorts of conditions.

Choose Accu-Steel for Waste Management Buildings

Our natural lighting options and the recycled material we use make our buildings a great choice for anyone who wants to leave a minimal footprint on the environment. They also have advantages such as reducing the chances of solid waste infecting the groundwater and carefully designed structures that hide solid waste effectively. We offer several different sized buildings to accommodate you whether you are a small business with few employees or a large corporation or town catering to dozens or even hundreds of people.

We recommend Accu-Steel Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings for this industry. Whichever you choose, call us to find out more today.