The Century Two Center was the venue for the Kansas Livestock Association Convention and Trade Show, December 2-4, 2015 in Wichita, Kansas. With the demand growing for hoop buildings in the cow/calf industry, Accu-Steel featured their new 38′ wide cattle building designed to benefit pit barn and cow/calf operations. Also featured were standard sizes 36’ – 72’ wide cattle buildings, equipment storage, grain and commodity storage buildings. Accu-Steel is proud to serve the beef industry which provides consumers with healthy choices including conventional, natural, organic and grass-fed products.


Greenfield Contractors, LLC

Greenfield Contractors of Bradford, IL is attending the Quad Cities Farm Show in Rockford, IL at the QCCA Expo Center during January 17 – 19, 2016. The show features more than 200 companies showing everything that’s new: long line, short line, seeds, supplies, chemicals, livestock equipment, grain handling, storage buildings and replacement parts. Greenfield will showcase Accu-Steel, Inc.’s Fabric Covered Buildings used for equipment storage, grain storage, cow calf facilities, cattle sheltering structures and more. Accu-Steel has a new 38’ cattle building designed to benefit pit barn and cow/calf operations. Founded in 2001, Accu-Steel, Inc. is near Templeton, IA.


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t2Quality products and great customer service can take a company far — add market-specific expertise to the mix, and you’ll see that company to go even farther. That’s exactly what Accu-Steel proved with the construction of a unique cattle building in northwest Kansas.


Kansas is a leading U.S. beef-producing state, and 2012 is the first year the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) approved a fully-permitted, fabric-covered building installation for use in cattle production. It’s a first for both Accu-Steel and the fabric-covered building industry as a whole.



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t5Customized buildings — that’s what Accu-Steel is all about. Tom Schechinger fits this mold with the first Accu-Steel building of its kind. With a lambing operation in Harlan, Iowa, Schechinger knew that a fabric-covered building was the correct choice to help increase annual lambing output.


Several years ago, Schechinger’s traditional steel building was damaged in a storm. The event is now viewed as a blessing in disguise, as it allowed for the construction of his two Accu-Steel buildings. An Advantage 50 ft. by 240 ft. building was assembled for lambing, along with an Advantage 50 ft. by 50 ft. building for the storage of commodities.


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t6Darrell Henkenius is the operations manager for the Farmers Cooperative Elevator Company (FAC), the largest member-owned feed mill in Western Iowa. Located in Arcadia, FAC provides many services to the farming community, the largest of which include grain, feed and other commodity storage needs. Other operations include agronomy services, lumber, steel and gas stations.


A need for corn and soybean storage as the largest member-owned feed mill in Western Iowa presented a challenge and a need for a suitable structure. They already had a concrete pad in place and were looking for a building to erect on the existing foundation. After considering their options, FAC selected an Accu-Steel fabric covered building to fulfill their storage needs. “Accu-Steel created a custom design to
fit our pad, with a low profile at an affordable cost,” Henkenius explains.



Grain Storage Agriculture Building

grain-storage-buildingConstruction on a new Accu-Steel Advantage building was recently completed for the County of Shelby, Iowa, and will be used to stockpile corn stover bales. The 80’ x 168’ grain storage structure will hold approximately 1,700 bales.


City: Shelby County
State: Iowa
Building Type: Advantage Building, Grain Storage Building


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