Accu-Steel installed a 120’ x 140’ Crossover building in Laramie, WY. The building was erected in a quarry and will be used for limestone storage. Accu-Steel can provide fabric covered buildings for any application in both the US and Internationally.


City: Laramie
State: Wyoming
Building Type: Crossover Building




A new Accu-Steel Crossover building used for sand and salt storage was erected in Juneau, AK.  The multipurpose building is 150’ x 120’ and features the Accu-Steel Offset Crossover profile which allowed the customer to incorporate additional storage needs economically.


City: Juneau
State: Alaska
Building Type: Crossover Building, Salt Storage Building


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After receiving approval to increase production numbers, Max and Jeanette McLean, owners of McLean Beef, began researching products that would help them expand in the most efficient, environmentally friendly way. They spent two years working with family and staff, touring feedlot operations, gathering and analyzing data, and formulating expansion plans.


The culmination of their efforts stand side by side on their operation — two 80 ft. by 400 ft. Accu-Steel Crossover Buildings that house the more than 1,600 head the McLeans prepare for market on a 150-day continuous cycle.


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t8Jerome Kuyper is the proud owner of the first Accu-Steel fabric covered building. His original need for the building was to stop the runoff from his open feed yard into a protected creek. Fabric-covered buildings are considered zero runoff facilities, which made Kuyper’s decision easy. The Iowa Beef Expo is where he was first introduced to Accu-Steel. “I had always wanted a building with all steel and no wooden posts, and Accu-Steel could provide that,” Kuyper says. Three days after the introduction at the expo, Accu-Steel was at his property in Northwest Iowa to discuss installation plans.



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t10The cities in central Iowa are growing, and with that comes an increased need for rock salt storage to assure the safety of roads during winter. Bret Hodne is the Public Works Director for the City of West Des Moines, and recently he noticed many of his regional agencies were unable to house the recommended tonnage of rock salt required annually. As road safety is of high importance to Hodne, he saw a need to find a large storage facility to hold the adequate salt supplies for easy access by all agencies. He reached out to the Metro Waste Authority who had space for the needed structures in Grimes, Iowa.


Manning Crossover

Manning, IA Cattle Building Options

A 80’ by 280’ crossover building was recently completed near Manning, Iowa. Customer Jay Hausman will use the new structure to house up to 560 cattle. The building has bunks on both sides and runs North and South.


City: Manning
State: Iowa
Building Type: Cattle Building, Crossover Building


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