Are you looking to construct a shelter for your hogs? Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings specializes in swine housing. Our fabric covered buildings offer natural light and ventilation, as well as safety from the elements. These features help keep your hogs safe and comfortable in every season.

Our swine housing is designed to be extremely versatile, giving you the option to add barriers, stalls, end doors, and more. Contact us now to find the right fabric building design for your swine operation.


advantages of fabric covered buildings for swine

Natural light: Our Enduro-Loc™ fabric covers allow natural light to shine through, while still protecting your hogs from the elements. This saves energy costs and is a great health benefit for your swine.

Open floor plan: With tons of clear span space, your hogs will have plenty of room to be comfortable and roam around. Without beams or columns, you can design the interior of your swine housing how you like.

Flexibility: Fabric buildings are incredibly versatile. You can easily add to them and include special features such as sliding doors, overhead lights, fans, and more.

Hot Dip Galvanizing: The steel trusses we use are hot dip galvanized, which offers maximum protection in highly corrosive conditions, such as those in hog environments.

Excellent ventilation: It is very important to keep your swine housing ventilated. The way that fabric buildings are designed allows for natural and healthy ventilation to occur.

Wet/Wind free conditions: Keep your pigs out of the weather when it’s harsh outside. A fabric building is durable enough to protect them from even the toughest heat, wind, snow, and rain conditions.

Why choose fabric buildings from accu-steel for hogs?

Fabric swine buildings offer many advantages over your typical metal building or pole barn. They are especially beneficial for livestock as they require little maintenance. Our fabric buildings have a skeleton of hot-dipped galvanized steel that protects the building from corrosion. With the most durable fabric cover on the market, these buildings will last for generations to come.

As the leading experts in livestock housing, Accu-Steel understands the needs of your industry and works according to them. Call us today to learn more about fabric buildings for swine housing.