Sourcewell Fabric Covered Building Purchasing Contract

How can Sourcewell contracts benefit my agency?

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Cooperative Purchasing with Sourcewell (formerly NJPA, or National Joint Powers Alliance) provides considerable time and resource savings for participating member agencies. A contract with Sourcewell:

  • Streamlines the contracting processes and maximizes efficiency
  • No need to establish and or duplicate solicitation docs or contract process
  • Reduces the impact of staff reductions and budget cuts

What is the value of membership with Sourcewell?

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Membership establishes a legal paper trail between the member and Sourcewell, justifying your contract purchasing decision. A no-cost, no-obligation Sourcewell membership provides access to competitively solicited contracts, procured by a national municipal contracting agency. Our contracts leverage national volume pricing and provide our members with the desired vendor choices. With a Sourcewell membership you can experience:

  • Ease and time-saving benefits of purchasing through national contracts procured,
    awarded and hosted by a national municipal contracting agency
  • The unique advantage to purchase quality products/services deserving of the agency

Does Sourcewell satisfy my local bid requirements?

Sourcewell has nationally solicited, evaluated, and awarded contracts through a competitive solicitation process on behalf of its members. These contracts can be leveraged by municipalities under the authority of Sourcewell’s enabling legislation and your state’s procurement laws and/or Joint Powers Authority. These laws allow access to Sourcewell’s contracts and procurement process to satisfy your local/state bidding requirements, avoiding duplication of the process.

Sourcewell is a public agency established through Minnesota State Statute in 1978. Sourcewell serves as a municipal contracting agency for over 50,000 members throughout the nation with competitively awarded cooperative contract purchasing solutions through industry-leading vendors.

Sourcewell membership is available to government, education and non-profit agencies located in all 50 states at no cost, liability, or obligation to the member. As a public government agency itself, Sourcewell responds to its members’ purchasing needs by facilitating and awarding national competitively solicited contracts. Sourcewell cooperative contract purchasing solutions result in valuable product and service solutions that range from office supplies to heavy equipment.