Give your sheep protection with Accu-Steel’s Hoop Buildings for sheep. Our buildings are designed to keep your sheep healthy, safe from severe weather and all-around more productive. We have a variety of styles and layouts to fit your operation’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about our sheep buildings. 

Choose an Accu-Steel Sheep Building or Barn

Fabric covered building with sheep in wooden stalls

While it may be more natural to keep sheep outdoors, there is always the risk of severe weather conditions. In places with harsh winters, there is a higher chance of sheep fatality if no shelter is provided. This is especially concerning if lambing occurs during the winter, in which case, a lambing facility would ensure a safer environment for the lambs. Overall, you don’t want to take a hit to your profits and a healthy herd by risking your sheep living outside. Our buildings:

  • Provide natural light
  • Have quality ventilation
  • Protect flock from the elements
  • Durable enough to withstand heavy storms
  • Have a variety of styles and floor plans to fit your flock’s needs

If you’re ready to consider one of our fabric-covered sheep buildings, contact us today to learn more.

Types of Sheep Housing

It is important to have some sort of sheep housing on your farm to allow a safe and controlled environment for your flock.

Different types of housing can range from very simple shelters to more elaborate facilities. The size of your flock, the climate you live in, and your lambing season are all determining factors on which type you should have.

If you live in a place with mild weather conditions, it is common to have a simple structure for lambing or when your flock needs to take shelter. For farms located in places with more severe weather conditions, we suggest a more elaborate shelter that can provide for all the needs of your sheep while still keeping them in an open and comfortable environment.

Accu-Steel manufactures a variety of fabric buildings suited for sheep. Click below to see some photos and building profiles, or call today for more information!


Advantages of Fabric Covered Buildings for Sheep

Natural light: Sheep will naturally migrate to areas with more light. With our Enduro-Loc™ fabric cover, your sheep will still benefit from natural sunlight while being protected from the elements. This is a benefit that a typical pole barn or metal building cannot provide.

Open floor plan: Fabric buildings can span across a wide area without needing beams or columns to obstruct movement. Since sheep don’t like to be in tightly enclosed spaces, this provides a perfect atmosphere for them to still feel like they are out in the open.

Flexibility: If you are in need of a more complex sheep shelter, fabric buildings are very versatile and can be built to have separate spaces for feeding, handling, shearing, and lambing.

Excellent ventilation: Proper ventilation is very important when housing your sheep. Sheep are susceptible to respiratory problems such as pneumonia; many sheep suffer from this because of poorly ventilated barns. Our fabric covers offer excellent ventilation that will keep them healthy and happy throughout the year.

Easy management: Our buildings require little maintenance, making for easy management year-round and allowing you more time to tend to your animals.

Wet/Wind free conditions: Protect your sheep from harsh weather conditions including the heat of summer and the ice and snow of winter. Accu-Steel fabric buildings offer insulation from the elements and are durable enough to withstand tough weather in every season.

Fabric Covered Buildings for Sheep

Accu-Steel specializes in fabric covered buildings for sheep because we believe that fabric covers are the best solution for any livestock shelter. With our hot-dip galvanized steel frames and high-tech fabric covers, these buildings are manufactured to last for generations to come.

We understand the needs of your industry and can specifically manufacture the right building for your flock. Call Accu-Steel today to get started with your free quote!