Why Choose Accu-Steel?

Sand storage needs a dependable environment, making reliable, long-lasting storage difficult to find. If the sand gets wet, you must go to great lengths to fix or replace it. Wet sand can lead to bad smells, mold, and stagnant water. All of these problems can hurt your bottom line and hurt the structure you chose to house your sand in. Luckily that won’t happen with one of our buildings. Crossover Buildings with sand/salt insideAccu-Steel sand storage buildings provide unique advantages to maximize the life of your stockpile with many features that traditional sand storage buildings lack. Our buildings:

  • Provide great natural light
  • Have good ventilation
  • Have expansive clear span space for machinery and equipment
  • Are sturdy and durable

We provide covered storage buildings of all shapes and sizes to fit your unique needs, so you can be sure you’ll never have to buy another building. 

The Fabric-Covered Building Advantage

Just like regular buildings, Accu-Steel’s fabric-covered buildings have a wide variety of styles and accommodations for your industry needs. Before you call, we recommend you check out our building materials, building process, and building styles so that you can see exactly what you can get for your money. Transparency, honesty, and safety are our number one goals. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the end result. We recommend Accu-Steel Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings for this specific industry, but you can check out all our designs online. To see additional photos of Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings view our Photo Gallery.

Call today to get started on your building plans and get a free quote!


Benefits of Sand Storage Buildings by Accu-Steel

Highest Standard Engineering: Our focus on high standards in engineering each building increases employee safety and also minimizes product loss from wetting and leaching.

ClearSpan Technology: Our design maximizes height and square footage in your building, providing excellent maneuverability due to the clear span space and height.

Best-in-Industry Warranty: We provide a 20-year steel and fabric warranty, the best in the industry.

Durability: We use fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology, the most durable fabric cover available on the market. This means your fabric covered building can handle significant snow and wind loads. This is vital if you’re in a colder region and require sand storage.

Versatility: Our buildings offer the flexibility to load from an attached or portable conveyor system, or by dumping and pushing.


Protect Your Sand Stores with Accu-Steel Fabric Buildings

Accu-Steel Fabric buildings keep sand stocks protected from the elements to ensure that it is ready for you when you need to use it. Clear span space means that you will be able to utilize nearly every inch of interior space that the buildings have to offer, even when you need to maneuver large equipment inside the building to handle and transport sand. Choose from a variety of building shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs and trust the durability of our fabric and hot-dip galvanized steel to keep your structure secure. Our buildings will protect your sand stores for years to come. 

Contact our experts to begin the design process for your next fabric sand storage building. We will help customize the building for your needs every step of the way.