The Premier Salt Storage Shed Builders

Using a fabric-covered salt shed for storage will stop rain, snow and wind from depleting your bulk material and subsequently prevent leaching into neighboring groundwater or property.

Tractors unloading salt inside a fabric-covered salt shed

Finding the right solution for your salt storage needs can be challenging due to the corrosive nature of salt and other demanding environmental requirements. The quality and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing and installing Accu-Steel salt storage sheds provide unique advantages to help maximize the life of your salt stockpile. We provide covered salt sheds of all shapes and sizes to fit the needs of your business.

You want your salt to be protected from the elements so that you don’t waste money by losing product, and so that you don’t end up hurting local wildlife or your own farm by letting the salt leach into the streams or ground nearby. You can be sure that an Accu-Steel building is sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and keep your salt dry. There’s even plenty of room to work around your salt stores and drive in and out of the building with a large vehicle. Whatever your needs, Accu-Steel can make it happen. 

Salt Buildings For Optimal Storage Conditions

Our salt buildings offer plenty of storage room with ease of access for equipment. We have served many municipalities as well as privately owned businesses for all their salt storage needs. Our buildings protect the salt from the elements and moisture, leaving you with the very best quality salt.

When choosing a storage building for your operation, it’s important to know that you are making a wise investment. Of all the types of buildings to choose from, we believe that fabric covered buildings offer supreme advantages over the rest. Call today to start the process and receive your free quote!

Low (to No) Maintenance

High-quality fabric membranes and proprietary galvanized steel frames deliver unmatched durability and limited maintenance compared to traditional structures.

Multiple Options

Customize height, width, door openings, foundations, walls and more. This flexibility makes it easy to fit your application and deliver the results you want.

Low Operation Cost 

Combining the fact you’ll need less maintenance with energy-efficient translucent fabric membranes that provide natural light, you’ll save money on overall operations. 

Rapid Construction

Pre-fabricated components will get your project up quickly and reduce construction costs.


The Advantages of Accu-Steel Salt Buildings

Keeps Weather Out: The protection offered by the Enduro-Loc™ Fabric cover maintains optimal salt conditions . This also minimizes product loss from wetting and leaching.

Durability and Protection: The fabric and steel we use has a 20-year warranty and is sturdy enough to stand up to all kinds of weather,  handling significant snow and wind loads. This also protects groundwater and wetlands from runoff.

ClearSpan Space: The fact that our fabric buildings do not require interior supporting posts and columns maximizes height and square footage for an affordable price.

Hot Dipped Galvanizing: Hot dipped galvanized steel resists corrosion in a highly corrosive environment to last longer and requires less maintenance than some other traditional salt storage options.

Flexibility: The versatile structure of the buildings allows for the flexibility to load from an attached or portable conveyor system, or by dumping and pushing, whichever system better suits you.

Get A Free Estimate For Salt Storage Buildings

We construct the highest quality fabric buildings at the lowest ownership cost throughout your building’s lifespan. Our fabric buildings are manufactured with excellent care for optimal performance.

We recommend Accu-Steel Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings for this industry. To see additional photos of Accu-Steel salt storage buildings and other fabric covered buildings, be sure to view our Photo Gallery.

Contact us to get started on a free quote for your next salt storage project. We offer a 20-year steel and fabric warranty, the best type of warranty in the industry today.