NDOR Awards Accu-Steel Multi-year Fabric Building Contract

NDOR Fabric Building Contract

Accu-Steel, Inc. has been awarded a multi-year contract with the Nebraska Department of Roads. A total of 17 Advantage buildings were purchased in September 2014 and to be used primarily for salt storage. The buildings range in size from 40 ft. x 64 ft. to 50 ft. x 128 ft. Accu-Steel uses a specialized hot dip galvanizing process on its steel trusses that withstands the highly corrosive nature of salt and other demanding environments. The Nebraska Department of Roads contract also includes a “coop clause” which allows other states to purchase Accu-Steel buildings under the auspices of the NDOR program.


States: Nebraska and Iowa

Type: Advantage Building

Use: Salt, Sand & Deicing