Livestock Buildings

From dairy barns to calving facilities, Accu-Steel livestock buildings are your number one choice for increased productivity for your farming operation. Our fabric covered buildings are extremely versatile and able to be used as temporary shelters as well as permanent storage buildings.

Fabric covered buildings have proven to have many advantages over conventional wooden or steel buildings for livestock. Our durable HYDRA-LOC™ fabric cover will safely protect your herd from the elements, while still providing them with the natural light and ventilation that they need to be healthy.

By offering real air movement, flexible clear span building space, and a more consistent environment, our agriculture buildings help to reduce your overall cost — which goes straight to your bottom line.

Here are some of the types of livestock buildings we construct:


Why Choose Fabric Buildings for Livestock?

Healthy Environment: Ridge ventilation and dual eaves evacuate moisture without creating a wind chill, keeping cattle clean, dry, and healthy. Your herd will stay cooler in the summer and dry all year round thanks to our innovative design, which offers more comfort and flexibility than traditional cattle barns or pole buildings.

Natural Light & Ventilation: Accu-Steel cattle buildings help maintain a consistent environment, regardless of wind direction or outside elements. Our durable fabric cover is strong enough to withstand intense weather conditions, while still providing natural light and ventilation. The excellent airflow and air quality will reduce the stress on your animals.

Clear Span Space: Large equipment can safely pass under the twin eave system, allowing for easy access to increase your productivity.

Keder Cover System: We install individual covers in each bay to reduce maintenance and increase expansion options.

Hot Dipped Galvanizing: Steel trusses are hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion protection to ensure your cattle building is like new for years to come.

HL13 Fabric: Our fabric cover made with HYDRA-LOC™ technology is the most durable fabric cover available on the market today. We offer a 20-year warranty on our fabric and steel.

Multiple Foundation Options: We offer I-beams, precast concrete blocks, T-panels, L-panels, cast-in-place concrete, Jersey barriers, and more for your cattle barn foundation. Profiles for other options are available upon request.

Choose Accu-Steel for Livestock Buildings

Accu-Steel fabric cover buildings are designed to meet the highest engineering requirements according to the International Building Code, and we receive a certification and engineering seal on all of our drawings and designs. Our hot dipped galvanizing process also ensures that our buildings are weather and rust proof, and can stand up to tough wind and snow conditions. We offer a 20-year steel and fabric warranty.

Take advantage of our fabric covered agricultural buildings here at Accu-Steel. Based out of Iowa, our company serves the entire United States as well as parts of Canada. To learn more about or to get a free quote on our livestock fabric structures, contact us today. You will find our customer service team friendly, helpful, and easy to work with. We look forward to providing you with an outstanding building for your livestock housing needs!