Look at Our Integrity Series Fabric Covered Buildings


Integrity Series fabric covered building with skid loader in frontIf you are looking for a cost-effective design that offers more width and interior clearance, never compromising durability and aesthetic design, then the Accu-Steel Integrity series is exactly what you are looking for. Not only does the natural airflow and light provide our customers with a more consistent working environment, but the hot-dipped galvanized steel frame ensures that rust and corrosion are nonexistent. Call today to start planning your very own building design!

Foundation Options: I-beams, precast concrete blocks, T-panels, L-panels, cast-in-place concrete, Jersey barriers, and others. Profiles for other options available upon request.

Widths: 46′-0″, 50′-2″, 62′-2″, 67′-0″, 74′-8″, 88′-0″, 96′-9″, 114′-4″, 128′-6″

High Profile Widths: 46′-0″, 50′-2″, 62′-2″, 67′-0″, 75′-11″, 98′-1″, 115′-8″, 129′-10″

Drawn profile of integrity series beamsDrawn Integrity Series layout of beams

Diagrams & Drawings:

46′-0″ Profile 50′-2″ Profile 62′-2″ Profile 67′-0″ Profile 74′-8” Profile 88′ Profile 96′-9” Profile 114′-4” Profile 128′-6” Profile

High Profile Widths:
46′-0″ Profile 50′-2″ Profile 62′-2″ Profile 67′-0″ Profile 75′-11″ Profile 98′-1″ Profile 115′-8″ Profile 129′-10″ Profile


  • Cost-effective design for buildings requiring more width and interior clearance
  • The Enduro-Loc™ Fabric allows for more natural light and airflow that provides a consistent working environment
  • The thermal neutral, translucent cover prevents condensation from collecting and dripping inside the building
  • Keder cover system allows installation on an uneven slope or existing apron
  • Individual bay keder cover system is easier to handle and maintain
  • All buildings are engineered to meet IBC guidelines
  • Keder covers do not require ratchets to ensure proper roof fabric tension, resulting in longer cover life
  • Integrity buildings have a more traditional profile for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Higher sidewall height allows larger equipment to move throughout the barrier-free interior
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel frame resists corrosion and rust
  • Flexible designs accommodate existing site restrictions including previously constructed pads