Infinity Series Fabric Covered Buildings

The Infinity Series, our newest building line, offers tremendous flexibility. Like all Accu-Steel designs, The Infinity Series provides exceptional natural light, a hot-dipped galvanized steel frame to eliminate the potential for rust or corrosion, and the best-in-industry quality and service you’ve come to expect from Accu-Steel. The straight-legged design of our Infinity Building Series was engineered specifically for those customers that need exceptional clearance and usable space all the way to the sidewalls of the building. Customers can also choose steel-sheeted side walls versus our best-in industry building fabric. 

We named this building series Infinity because of the infinite possibilities and flexibility it provides our customers. With the traditional gable-style shape, extreme side wall height, flexibility, and multiple foundation options; we think the Infinity Series is a real game-changer. 


Foundation Options: Helical ground anchors, Precast concrete blocks, Cast-in-place piers, Cast-in-place walls, Others

Widths: 47′, 51′, 63′, 68′, 78′, 92′, 110′, 124′, 130′, 145′, 152′

High Profile Widths: 47′, 51′, 63′, 68′, 78′, 90′, 108′, 122′

Custom Widths: 100′ low-profile, 100′ high-profile leg, 110′ high-profile leg


Diagrams & Drawings

47′ Profile 51′ Profile 63′ Profile 68′ Profile 78′ Profile 92′ Profile 110′ Profile 124′ Profile 130′ Profile 145′ Profile 152′ Profile 

High Profile Widths:
47′ Profile 51′ Profile 63′ Profile 68′ Profile 78′ Profile 90′ Profile 108′ Profile 122′ Profile

Custom Widths:
100′ low-profile 100′ high-profile leg 110′ high-profile leg


  • Individual bay keders standard on series
  • Straight legs allow for usable space to edge of building
  • Sidewalls can be steel sheeted
  • Side doors can be added to the building with ease
  • Gutters can be added to the building at the eaves for water mitigation
  • Industry standard gable building shape with natural light