Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Building in the sunset

Accu-Steel Industrial Fabric Structures

Here at Accu-Steel, we pride ourselves on having versatile buildings and materials that can be used for a variety of industries and applications. Fabric-covered buildings may not be the traditional route, but our buildings have proved time and time again that they are a sustainable, money-saving option. When you choose one of our industrial fabric structures, you’re signing yourself up for a high-quality, durable building that can handle whatever your industry needs are, including farming, recreational, or retail. Accu-Steel offers a wide range of building options, which makes it the ideal fabric covered building for every industry, including:



Our buildings are constructed of the highest quality materials and backed by an industry-leading warranty, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our bracing techniques and specialized hot-dip galvanized process are a few of the essential components of our durable,  fabric-covered buildings.

We also have some of the best dealers and installers in the business, which is why we’re so confident that the product you receive will not fail if installed properly. You’ll be showing off your Accu-Steel building for years to come. We ensure that the highest quality standards are met with every building that we produce. 

If you’re thinking of expanding your business and are ready to start planning a build, contact us today to learn how our fabric storage buildings can benefit you in every industry!