High-Quality Hay Storage is More Economical in the Long Run

When it comes to hay storage and feeding operations, Accu-Steel has the perfect building to suit your needs. We place a high value on protecting your commodities to increase your profit and benefit your business. Hay is an integral part of your farm, as it provides food for your livestock, big and small. Without hay, your animals may not be properly fed if there happens to be limited grazing space or inclement weather.

Our company understands the unique requirements of your industry. That is why we offer you the highest quality hay storage buildings that will provide you with many advantages compared to other hay storage sheds.hay storage fabric covered building

Hay Storage Barns Designed Specifically for You!

Accu-Steel fabric-covered hay storage buildings are designed to protect your feed commodities from wind, rain, sun, or snow while maintaining their nutritional value and reducing your product shrinkage. When you deliver higher-quality feed to your livestock, you experience a more efficient conversion, putting more money in your pocket. The clear-span interior space of our structures offers you barrier-free storage which results in easy loading and unloading.

The hay storage/bale storage building that you choose will be designed to your specifications and engineered to your local codes. Our structures are always manufactured using high-quality, non-corrosive materials, and we also offer the longest warranty in the industry. Our buildings are proven to withstand intense wind and snow conditions and are also resistant to rust thanks to our hot-dipped galvanizing process.

We strive to make our buildings cost-effective and easy to maintain. Our Keder Cover System will allow you to do maintenance on the building without worrying about a complete breakdown of the structure. We want you to be calm, confident, and organized when managing your farm. Let us help you get one step closer to that confidence with our fabric-covered hay storage buildings. Call today for more information or to receive your free quote! You’ll be glad you did!


Advantages of Fabric Covered Buildings for Hay Storage

Flexibility: Our buildings are flexible enough to support overhead cranes, fire suppression systems, lights, and other types of equipment you may need.

Energy Savings: The fabric covers we use let in natural light. This can help to save you money by significantly reducing your overall energy costs.

Fast Installation: Accu-Steel buildings can be put up in a relatively short time frame, giving you more time to get working than traditional storage buildings.

Ease of Maintenance: Get easier access to individual building spaces with the individual bay Keder Cover System, allowing easy maintenance and building expansion down the road.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing: We hot dip galvanize the steel trusses that make up our buildings for maximum corrosion protection.

Industry-Leading Warranty: The best warranty in the industry, a 20-year steel and fabric warranty, means that we are confident in our products and the quality we provide.

High-Quality Fabric: Manufactured with the most durable fabric cover available on the market: Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology provides protection from all sorts of harsh conditions in every season. 

Choose Accu-Steel for Hay Storage Buildings

Take the guesswork out of your feeding operation by investing in a fabric-covered hay storage building from Accu-Steel today. You can be sure that our facilities will increase the productivity and profits of your feeding operation. Our bale storage buildings by Accu-Steel are easily installed and can be used as a temporary job site or a permanent building.

If you have any questions about our fabric covered buildings, feel free to give us a call today. You will find our customer service team friendly, helpful, and easy to communicate with. We look forward to providing you with an outstanding fabric-covered facility for bale storage that will change your business as you know it!