Accu-Steel fabric covered riding arenas offer a professional design for equestrian riding arenas. They have wide-open interiors with no supports or beams to obstruct the movements of animals or riders. They are also great for equestrian riding because of the flexibility and durability that they provide. 

Professionally Engineered for Your Needs

Our fabric indoor riding arenas are built and engineered for loading conditions specific to riding arenas. These fabric tension buildings keep out the elements and prevent condensation and rust. Our team has many years of experience in riding arena construction and we offer exclusive colors for your perfect design. We use only the best tensile fabric on the market for all of our fabric structures.

All of the open space in your fabric covered riding arena is usable. Our buildings offer a unique sidewall clearance that allows you to enjoy riding indoors like you are outdoors. The riding arena footing is cushioned to minimize concussion on the horse’s legs.



Noise Absorption: Fabric covers absorb noise to prevent harsh echoes and clangs, ideal for equestrian riding arenas with noise-sensitive animals.

ClearSpan Space: Clear span space without interior supports offers versatile space for storage options and wide open space for your arena.

Versatility: Choose optional straight sidewalls that can accommodate overhead and exit doors while taking advantage of our building’s flexibility. Our buildings support fire suppression systems, HVAC, lights, viewing platforms, and more.

Reliable Warranty: We offer a 20-year steel and fabric warranty, the best in the industry. We also construct the best tensile membrane structures in the industry.

Durable Fabric Cover: Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology, the most durable fabric cover available on the market, keeps your building standing tall no matter the weather.

Quick Installation: Our buildings are installed quickly and easily, so you can start using your new facility as soon as possible.

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