Fabric Colors for Fabric-Covered buildings

Fabric Covered Building Materials

The construction of our coverall fabric buildings can be done one of three ways: Our crew can install it, we can recommend a certified Accu-Steel contractor to install it, or you and your crew can install it with help from our site manager. We make the entire process painless and customer-focused. Our high-quality fabric structures for sale in Iowa are the best in the industry.

Fabric Covered Building Materials for Accu-Steel Buildings

Our galvanized steel frame buildings are designed with an optional and economical Keder cover system. The long-term benefits of having sections versus a single-span cover are unparalleled:

  • Sections reduce or eliminate maintenance, especially on wide buildings and those with eaves
  • If a section of your fabric covered building is damaged, you won’t have to replace the entire cover — just that section, saving you money
  • With sections, less energy is transferred throughout the length of the fabric
  • Accu-Steel galvanized steel frame buildings are built with quality from the ground up
  • Enduro-Loc™ Fabric is the most durable fabric cover on the market. It also allows for natural light, lowering your overall energy cost.

Structure of a fabric-covered building infographic

Don’t be fooled by other fabric covered building companies that train their sales reps to sell against this worthwhile, high-quality process. Let the experts at Accu-Steel show you all of the fabric structures that we offer.


Myth: Galvanized steel frame structures can result in poor coating coverage, which can lead to rust and corrosion.
Reality: Hot dip galvanizing completely encases the steel structures in zinc after it’s been fabricated, making it impervious to the elements. In fact, it’s the only process that meets stringent ASTM 123 standards for corrosion protection. Conversely, the in-line or pre-galvanizing process occurs before fabrication, which means the zinc burns when it’s welded, leaving pinholes that are susceptible to rust and corrosion. Plus, the completely exposed inside joints allow water vapor and dust to settle on raw steel.

Myth: A galvanized steel frame weakens the steel and causes irregularities, which result in inferior tubing.
Reality: Since zinc has a lower melting point than steel, the hot-dipping process occurs at a temperature that does not affect the quality of steel tubing at all. Plus, dipping steel structures in a hot zinc bath causes the zinc to chemically bond to the steel, resulting in a uniform chemical makeup of the tubing that’s stronger and more durable.

Myth: Drip drying creates inconsistent zinc coating, resulting in weak spots and flaking.
Reality: Accu-Steel uses only the highest quality zinc with the fewest impurities. Our steel structures are dipped repeatedly in the lead-free zinc until a standard thickness is achieved, leaving a smooth, consistent finish. Compared to the in-line or pre-galvanizing process, our hot-dip galvanizing provides 300% more zinc that’s uniformly applied to all steel surfaces, maximizing strength and protection.

Myth: The uneven surface is abrasive and will damage covers, requiring costly repairs.
Reality: Hot dip galvanizing naturally finishes clean and smooth. The final step in the process results in a sleek patina on the zinc — perfect for a fabric cover.
For quality fabric covered building material, contact Accu-Steel today. We’ll protect your investment for many years to come.