Equipment Storage

Accu-Steel equipment storage buildings are an ideal choice for virtually any industrial building need. Whether you need a building for cold storage, bulk storage, or warehousing, our equipment storage buildings can match your requirements. The clear span space allows for maximum storage capabilities and makes working inside your fabric building more efficient — even when operating large equipment.




Why Accu-Steel Equipment Storage Buildings Exceed the Competition:

Buildings support overhead cranes, fire suppression systems, lights, and other types of equipment you may need

Fabric cover allows for natural light, reducing energy costs

Quick installation when compared to traditional industrial buildings

Easy maintenance and expansion with the individual bay Keder cover system

Steel trusses are hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion protection

The best warranty in the industry: 20-year steel and fabric warranty

Manufactured with the most durable fabric cover available on the market: Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology

A Worthwhile Investment

Choosing a fabric cover building for your equipment storage needs will give you an efficient and cost effective solution. Our buildings stand up to intense wind and snow conditions, and are weather and rust proof thanks to our hot dip galvanized steel process and tensile fabric covers.

Our equipment storage buildings are designed with ample height and clearance for easy access, freedom to move, and increased loading capabilities. You will be able to easily store your vehicles and equipment while protecting them from outside weather elements. Our storage buildings help produce natural ventilation and lighting to eliminate moisture and rust while preserving energy.

When you choose Accu-Steel, you will have your structure installed in an efficient and timely manner. We use only the most elite products to ensure long lasting results. Contact us today so we can provide you with an equipment storage building that is worth your investment.