Dairy cows inside a fabric-covered building with the door open

Accu-Steel fabric dairy buildings are designed to provide the optimal environment for your cattle to maximize your profits.

Providing excellent air quality and natural light for a comfortable, dry environment will increase your herd health and your milk production.

Our buildings can accommodate all your equipment needs while providing quality shelter for your livestock. We have a variety of buildings designed specifically with cattle in mind. We’re always thinking about your needs as a customer and how to provide better quality fabric-covered dairy buildings.

Choose Accu-Steel For Your Dairy Buildings

Not only do we use top-of-the-line materials and processes for production, but we have warranties available on many of our products so you can be sure that your dairy building is still standing for years to come.

We truly believe in providing the best product on the market and want you to be satisfied with the end result. When you choose Accu-Steel, you’re choosing a team dedicated to providing the best in service, quality, and follow-through.

We offer several building profiles that work well for various cattle herds and their health.

Contact our team to find the right type of Accu-Steel fabric building for your dairy operation.  


Benefits of Accu-Steel Fabric Buildings for Dairy

Contemporary Building Design: Accu-Steel is an industry leader for a number of reasons, not least of which is our innovative and contemporary building design. Our dairy buildings maintain a consistent environment, regardless of the outside elements. 

Natural Light & Ventilation: With a high-quality fabric cover, dual eaves, and ridge ventilation system, our dairy buildings offer impressive natural light and airflow to your animals, while keeping them protected to reduce their stress. Our dual eave system also helps increase productivity by making it easy for large equipment to pass into and out of your building. 

Maintenance-Free: We know how busy you are, which is why we engineer our buildings to be virtually maintenance-free. With our individual bay Keder cover system, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and you can easily expand your building if necessary

Superior Materials: All of our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized so that they offer extreme protection against corrosion. Additionally, our Enduro-Loc™ fabric cover is the most durable fabric available on the market today.

Versatility: Accu-Steel fabric-covered dairy buildings are a versatile addition to any operation. Our structures are crafted to be durable enough to stand as a permanent structure, but are easy to relocate should you need to. 

Dairy Housing Proven to Perform

Accu-Steel has in-depth industry knowledge that allows us to provide the perfect solution for your dairy operation while helping you remain efficient and profitable. Whether you’re looking to expand your herd, diversify your operation, or wanting to add a free stall barn, heifer development barn, or calf barn, Accu-Steel has a dairy housing solution to fit your needs. 

We proudly recommend both our Cattle and Crossover buildings for any dairy operation. Call us today to learn more about why our fabric dairy facilities lead the way over conventional hoop buildings.