Cow/Calf Buildings

A cow/calf building is great way to expand your herd without purchasing expensive land, and it will also help you to keep track of daily health concerns, increase your bull/cow ratio, promote early weaning, as well as gaining an extra two to three calves per cow due to increased longevity.

If you are in the cow/calf production industry, Accu Steel has the perfect fabric covered buildings for your needs. Our structures are featured with 100 square feet per pair and a minimum of 24″ of bunk space, which will deliver a comfortable amount of room without wasting building space. By adding a curtain on one side and using Accu Steel’s dual eaves and ridge vent, maintaining air quality is easily manageable.


Features of our Cow/Calf Fabric Buildings

Innovative Design: Thanks to our innovative design, your herd will have relief from the hot summer sun, while remaining safe and dry during the winter months. Our structures offer more comfort and flexibility than any other hoop building you have seen before.

Dual Eaves & Ridge Ventilation: Moisture is removed from the facility by ridge ventilation and dual eaves, without creating wind chill. This will keep your herd calm, comfortable, clean, dry and healthy all year round.

Twin Eave System: Due to our twin eave system and clear span height, large equipment can safely pass through and allow for an increase in productivity.

Keder Cover System: With the individual bay Keder cover system, you can receive easy maintenance and expansion options.

Hot Dipped Galvanization: The steel trusses that we use are hot-dipped galvanized to protect from corrosion and guarantee that your cow/calf building will last for years to come.

HL13 Fabric Cover: Our HYDRA-LOC™ technology fabric cover is the most durable cover available on the market. Accu-Steel offers a 20-year steel and fabric warranty.

Choose Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings for Cow/Calf Production

Our cow/calf buildings are specifically designed for the needs of your business and the comfort of your herd. With excellent air flow and quality, your animals will remain healthy and stress free. Our hoop buildings have also been proven to lower manure management costs. If you are looking for a customizable option for your cow/calf facility, look no further. Accu-Steel has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the perfect structure for your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to call us today with any questions that you have.