Innovative Alternatives for Cattle Operations

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t4Central Confinement Service, Ltd., is getting ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary, and with that has expanded its construction offerings to include Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings. Located in Columbus, Neb., Central Confinement Service focuses on the swine, dairy, and beef industry. It was not until their customers started expressing interest in fabric-covered buildings that the company itself began to look into this state-of-the-art option for confining cattle.


In January of 2012, Accu-Steel became the number one choice for Central Confinement Service. “We needed the best designed fabric-covered cattle building on the market that had longevity for the customer,” said Tony Romshek, technical sales representative for Central Confinement Service.


Providing Innovative Alternatives for Cattle

Because Accu-Steel cattle buildings are high quality and have an extremely durable design — with proper airflow that increases cattle performance — Central Confinement Service did not have a difficult choice when deciding who to partner with.


Central Confinement Service has already sold three buildings including a Cattle 60 ft. by 512 ft. building and two Crossovers at 80 ft. by 400 ft. By using slipforms for the foundation and feed bunks, Central Confinement Service has developed a process that speeds up the time the building is operational for cattle. “Because Accu-Steel offers two different buildings for cattle, it allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s need,” he said.


When designing a beef confinement facility, every producer has different needs and expectations. With years of experience in designing confinement facilities, Accu-Steel works alongside Central Confinement Service to develop a solution that fit each customer’s needs.


With the construction of Central Confinement Service’s first building, Accu-Steel provided personal support and advice. “Not only does Accu-Steel offer a great product, but it comes on time; this delivery and accountability is very important to us,” Romshek said.


Central Confinement Service has welcomed the Accu-Steel partnership, which has been beneficial to both parties. Moreover, Accu-Steel solutions have been important to additional customers looking for innovative alternatives for their cattle operations in the Midwest.