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Accu Steel recently attended the 2016 APWA North American Snow Conference in Hartford, CT and the 2016 Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters conference in Portland, OR. From east to west, we saw interest in using NJPA national cooperative contract purchasing.howtopurchase[1]/njpa

When you think of temporary buildings, you may not associate them with words like strong, durable, and easily maintainable. However, temporary structures can provide the same strength of a traditional building, while offering advantages that permanent structures simply can’t.


Our temporary buildings are designed with an open and adjustable clear span space, and constructed with galvanized steel and the highest quality tensile fabric on the market. These portable buildings are able to withstand intense weather conditions such as rain, snow, and heavy winds. Our innovative design not only makes these buildings extremely durable, but also incredibly energy efficient. Temporary fabric covered buildings offer natural temperature regulation which decreases your energy expenses.

Low Maintenance & Versatile Portable Structures

What is the advantage of a temporary building?Another advantage of temporary buildings is that they are relocatable and extremely versatile. Portable structures can go wherever you need them to go without much hassle or time, which makes them an ideal choice for a variety of industries. Many of our clients invest in portable and temporary buildings for military housing, commodity storage, boat storage, agricultural needs, and more.


Temporary buildings can be installed much more quickly and easily compared to a post frame building or pole barn. They also offer a wide variety of options for customization with their adjustable clear span space. You can choose from a selection of colors, styles, and shapes along with additions such as fans, lights, sprinklers, conveyors, and anchors.


Lastly, temporary buildings require much less maintenance than your traditional metal or hoop building. With the low operating cost of a temporary building, your business’ profits will increase.

Choose Accu-Steel Temporary Fabric Buildings

Accu-Steel’s temporary and portable buildings are ideal for cattle sheds, livestock housing, riding arenas, car dealer shelters, sports facilities, batting ranges, manufacturing warehouses, equipment storage, commodities, salt and deicing, bulk storage, and much more. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can increase your products and maximize your productivity with a temporary building!


image001The Iowa Cattle Industry Convention has traditionally been held in Des Moines in December, offering education, networking, policy discussions and a robust trade show. This year, in an effort to make it easier for cattlemen from across the state to participate, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is hosting four regional “BeefMeets” instead. Each BeefMeet will incorporate 5-6 educational seminars, district meetings and elections, grassroots issues surfacing and a trade show. No matter what your interest is in the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association or beef industry, there will be something there for you! Our BeefMeets theme this year is “Driving to Success.” Each of the educational sessions will provide practical strategies for producers of all types to increase their profitability and farming success.


Dates and Locations:
Educational sessions 8:30 – 5:00; social to follow
June 22: Northwest Regional BeefMeet, Spencer
June 23: Northeast Regional BeefMeet, Independence
June 28: Southwest Regional BeefMeet, Atlantic
June 29: Southeast Regional BeefMeet, Riverside Casino
Online registration and sponsorship opportunities are available HERE.
A downloadable registration and sponsorship form are available HERE.


Questions? Call 515-296-2266.


Accu-Steel Inc., Templeton, IA, is exhibiting at the WPS trade show in Osh Kosh, WI, March 30 – April 1, 2016.  For three days, farmers from around the Midwest will attend the show to check out the latest in farm machinery, tools and services. Accu-Steel is featuring fabric covered buildings used for equipment, grain and commodity storage buildings.  Accu-Steel is also introducing a new series of cattle building. Farmers and ranchers will learn how this new design can optimize finishing in cattle operations and see the special design features for fabric covered cow/calf confinement facilities.




Over 140 people attended the Cow/Calf Symposium in Columbus, NE on March 23 & 24, 2016.  The event primary sponsors were Accu-Steel Fabric Buildings, Central Confinement Service, Ltd. and AFAN (Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska).  The symposium’s main topic was cattle herd expansion without requiring additional land purchase.


Dr. Morgan Hayes, University of IL, presented the most important elements to consider when raising cattle in confinement throughout its life cycle, cow/calf, back-grounding and feeding out.  These elements included air flow, proper bedding amounts, square footage space per animal required in a confinement operation and animal health care.  A panel of industry experts answered questions regarding animal health care, best practices for fabric confinement facilities, and preferences regarding weaning.  Dr. Kelly Jones of Cactcus Feeders presented a new cooperative program aimed at increasing their cow herd with local operators taking in heifers, breeding them to Cactus Feeders genetics and buying back up to 20 percent of the calf crop. The event concluded with a bus tour to 4 different cattle operations in the Columbus, NE area.



The Lincoln Nebraska Public Schools purchased three 30’ x 42’ Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings used for salt, sand & deicing inventory storage.  The school system is now able to purchase these materials during the non-peak season when the material cost is lower, therefore saving the school system money.  With pre-purchased snow removal materials they are ready to act when Mother Nature delivers an early snow storm in Nebraska.  The building trio was placed on the north side of the school track and football field, allowing athletes, coaches and fans to get in and out of the facilities safely.


City: Lincoln
State: Nebraska
Building Type: Advantage BuildingSalt Storage Building



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