Accu-Steel is preparing for another trade show and possibly the last one for 2017! We will be set-up at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.

What is the World Dairy Expo?

The World Dairy Expo is a five-day dairy cattle event that features the newest technologies available to the dairy industry. This annual show is considered the largest and most important dairy cattle show in North America. The World Dairy Expo has been held in the first week of October since 1967!

Shows and Contests –World Dairy Expo

Dairy cattle from all over the United States and Canada are exhibited at the show. All seven nationally recognized breeds have their own show. A grand champion from each breed is selected, then a final judging is held to determine the best two cows in the show. This is held on the last day and is often referred to as the main event! The show starts with an introduction of each cow and leadsman listing both of their achievements. After this is done the cows are judged by all of the breed judges from the past week. After they decide on a cow, the Supreme Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion is announced.

The World Dairy Expo offers conferences for youth in the dairy industry. There are several regional and national judging contests in which teams and individuals from high school FFA chapters and 4-H programs can compete. There is also a division for Collegiate level teams. Contestants compete for honors in dairy judging, dairy foods and dairy forage. There is a separate junior cattle show for contestants who are college age or younger. Though this cattle show is separate from the main show, the Supreme and Reserve Supreme champions are named the same way as the older contestants. Winning the junior show is almost as prestigious as winning the main event!

Trade Show –

This Expo is home to the largest dairy-focused trade show in the world! Nearly 850 companies, including Accu-Steel, come from all over the world to showcase their products to the show’s 75,000 attendees. These companies make the trip to Madison, Wisconsin, USA every year.

Accu-Steel will be located at the Alliant Energy Center in the New Holland Trade Center, booth #866. The show starts October 3rd, 2017 and ends October 7th, 2017. We will see you there!

To sign-up or learn more about the show click here!

Accu-Steel is gearing up for another appearance at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois!

Farm Progress Show

About the Show

The Farm Progress Show is an excellent opportunity for producers to visit with various manufacturers in the farming industry. Accu-Steel will be among the manufacturers featuring our latest and greatest products and solutions. Visitors of this show are able to witness various demonstrations and learn about the newest technologies and resources available. This is a unique show that brings producers from all over the world to one location with the same goal in mind. To learn more and integrate what they see into their operations.

Where to Find Us

The Farm Progress Show will be located in Decatur, Illinois from August 29th through the 31st, 2017. Accu-Steel will have a demonstration building with our mobile sales office in lot #507 located in the Southeast Quadrant on 5th Progress Street. We’ll see you there!

Farm Progress Show Registration

To find out more about this show and to preregister, click here!

Accu-Steel will be present this year at the Iowa State Fair in more than one location! We’ve donated a building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. We conducted an internal interview with President of Accu-Steel, Jason Owen, to get the details on this new building!

Did you approach the Iowa State Fair or did they approach you for this new project?Iowa State Fair Logo

“We approached them to see if there were any projects Accu-Steel could help with. They came back and said ‘yes, we have this need’. It was an easy decision – this is a need that fits inside what we want to be associated with. That is when we decided we would donate a building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation.”

How did you come about your decision to donate this building?

“My wife, Alison, and I have been looking at a way to give back to the fair as it is something we have enjoyed together since we were dating. We wanted to look for an opportunity to use our products at the fair. We understood that the fair was spending a lot of money on the Jacobson building for the arena footing and needed a way to store it when they have equestrian events. So, they were looking for a place to stockpile the material outside without it getting wet and loosing the value. Our buildings work perfect for that. They have nice tall sidewalls to be able to run loader equipment inside. The building’s natural light and ventilation will keep the footing material dry and usable for multiple events at the Iowa State Fair and beyond. So, it was a perfect fit for us to be a part of that project and we are very happy to be donating the building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation.”

Where is this new building located?

“Well, it is one of those important buildings that people won’t necessarily see when they are on the fairgrounds. This is a support building to the south of Dean Ave. It is on Iowa State Fair property and it allows them to be more efficient and actually save or make money for the fair organization. It may not be a building people see regularly but it is a building that will definitely help make a difference to the overall operation of the fair.”

What style of building is it and what are the dimensions? Why was this profile chosen?

Footing Material Building“The building is 62’ x 208’ and is our new Integrity style building which is a gable shape fabric structure. It’s got very tall sidewalls and a peak shape so it looks more like a traditional barn verses a round hoop building. I think the Iowa State Fair chose this profile because it was something that was more modern looking and fit well into the architecture of the area it was going and would also perform very well for what they needed it to do.”

How many buildings will Accu-Steel have at the Iowa State Fair this year?

“We worked on a project several years ago with the original Olympic Pavilion which is a place where the local television station broadcast the Olympics during the Iowa State Fair back in 2008. Today, most people know it as the Iowa craft beer tent. We’ve left it up permanently for people to be able to use. We will also have our display building which will be in a new location this year, by the west entrance/exit to the Sky-Glider. Then, we have the permanent structure up by Dean Avenue to support the Jacobson Riding Arena. So that will be a total of three buildings at the Iowa State Fair this year.”

What is your favorite part of the fair?

“I would say, probably the number of people that we see year in and year out. It is kind of like a family reunion where you get to pick your family. You get to see the people that want to see you. It’s a time where our dealers and corporate people from the office get interaction with the individuals that provide feedback on our products and that is important to us. What works and what doesn’t. How our buildings are making a difference on their operations whether it’s for farming to industrial applications. The uses for our buildings can go on and on.”

Summary –

You can find Accu-Steel representatives at the Iowa State Fair August 10th through the 20th in the demo building near the West entrance/exit to the Sky-Glider. Click here to learn what other options we have available for equestrians.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association (ICA) will be coordinating the 2nd annual regional BeefMeets. This event includes educational sessions, a trade show, and food! ICA Beefmeets 2017

What to Expect

Speakers at the BeefMeets will provide input on farm finances and agriculture markets to address the stresses that come with surviving tough times in the cattle industry. Local area producers and agriculture specialists will also be part of the event. They will share their knowledge and experiences on how they continued to raise cattle in some of the hardest economic times in history.


BeefMeets will include lunch and a full trade show. There will also be a Tour of the World Social where attendees can experience beef dishes from around the world! District breakouts will give cattlemen a chance to weigh in on issues affecting their business and Dr. Nevil Speer will address key factors that could have an effect on the cattle markets in the next 12-18 months.

Other activities throughout the day include a Cattle and Cover Crops session, a free Youth Beef Team Training & Train the Trainer session and a Beef Checkoff update with the Iowa Beef Industry Council.

Locations for the ICA BeefMeets

The BeefMeets will take place in four locations making it easier for you to attend the event. The first location is in Dubuque, IA on June 13th. The second will be in Ottumwa, IA on June 15th. The third will be in Creston, IA on June 20th. The fourth is in LeMars, IA on June 22nd.


One of our dealers, Hedgewood Equipment, will be set-up at Ottumwa and Creston locations. Stop by their booth while you are there to discuss the possibilities of a fabric covered building in your operation. We offer a variety of profiles that are very versatile for whatever you may need them for. Whether it’s for hay storage, equipment storage or cattle housing we’ve got you covered!

Register TODAY!

For more details about this event click here. Early registration ends May 31st and prices go up $10 at that time. Students receive free registration to all BeefMeets. Register online here under ICA Programs or call the ICA office at 515-296-2266.


Calving under roof is gaining popularity as pastureland becomes more scarce. Whether your child is returning to the farm, you would like to expand, or any other reason – you are not alone. Several producers are doing their research to determine if this is a viable alternative to their current operation.

Calving Facility Advantages

1. Maintain a controlled environment. One of the main advantages to calving under roof is the controlled environment that it offers. Accu-Steel calving barns do this by preventing the outdoor elements from entering the building. Unlike monoslopes, our buildings offer excellent ventilation with our dual eaves and ridge vents that keep the weather from intruding the building all year. Monoslopes have one side that is wide open allowing snow and rain to blow in.


2.ag1 Provide optimal cow/calf comfort. Accu-Steel fabric covered calving buildings allow natural light to filter through the fabric cover while eliminating heat exposure. Our buildings will last for years because all of our steel is hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. These factors make Accu-Steel the optimal choice for cow/calf comfort.


3. Manage a healthy herd. A controlled environment is vital for a newborn calf’s health, so, management is the key in these cow/calf facilities. These cows are in close quarters within the barn so prevention is very important to keep disease out of the calving barn. A consistent, dry environment with excellent ventilation will help keep your cow/calf operation free of illness. It can also help increase weight gain and improve performance.Prevention is very important for herd health, but if health issues do arise, they can be quickly and easily addressed under a calving facility. Choosing this system allows producers to routinely monitor their cows and calves in one location which will save you time checking the pasture and fence. With excellent management you will see your production and profits increase.


4. Determine your own calving seasons. Another benefit to calving under roof is the ability to determine your calving seasons. With the help from the controlled environment you can decide when you would like to calve. Producers who chose to calve under roof have the advantage of shifting their calving season to capitalize on sale prices. This is an opportunity for cattlemen to take their products to market while others are using the traditional cow/calf system on pasture.

Getting Started With Calving Under Roof

When deciding on a floor plan for your calving facility, be sure to separate excepting cows and new mothers. Also, consider using creep feeders and a versatile feed program that can help you target your cows and calves.


At Accu-Steel we try to make it easy for you to get started calving under roof. We understand the cattle industry and strive to offer the very best solutions. Our nationwide network of dealers can help you with any questions you may have. The best place to start is by simply contacting us! After we get your information, we contact the dealer in your area that best suits your needs. You can then coordinate with our dealer to configure the layout of your cow/calf facility. They will consider all of your business needs during the design and construction process to provide you with the perfect cow/calf facility for your calving operation.


To view images of our cow/calf facilities, click here.


Accu-Steel is set to attend the APWA – North American Snow Conference April 23rd – April 26th, 2017 in Des Moines, Iowa.APWA - North American Snow Conference

This Snow Conference has everything from snow and ice education sessions to an exhibit floor full of vendors who are excited to show you the latest winter maintenance solutions. Join us and your peers in Des Moines at the Show for Snow April 23-26, 2017.

Salt Storage Showcase141026 gothenburg salt barn - NDOR 3 - Edited

Accu-Steel will be a vendor at the APWA – North American Snow Conference to showcase our salt, sand, and deicing storage buildings. Our salt storage buildings are more popular than any other building type we offer. You could accredit that to our hot dip galvanized trusses that protect the structure from the highly corrosive materials being stored under the roof. Accu-Steel offers multiple profiles and design options to fit your needs. Find us in booth #726 to learn why Accu-Steel is the right choice!

APWA Technical Tour

Accu-Steel will be sponsoring the Technical Tour at the APWA – North American Snow Conference on April 26th, 2017. The tour will be stopping at two facilities. The City of Waukee Public Works will have staff stationed throughout the building to discuss their operations, equipment, and challenges. In addition to Waukee’s equipment, other Des Moines area agencies will also have their equipment on display with their operators available to discuss their operations and equipment. The Regional Salt Storage facility was constructed to store bulk road salt for several municipalities in the metro and surrounding area. This location also has a solid waste transfer station that was added to the site. You will be able to see how this site functions as both a transfer station and a salt storage facility.


Accu-Steel will have our mobile sales office at both locations. We will be providing refreshments and giving away a few jackets!


Click here for the full itinerary and registration!


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