Airplane Hangars

Accu-Steel fabric airplane hangars are the perfect solution for your aviation needs. Our airplane hangers can be quickly installed using basic tools and gear, while still offering the durability and strength of a permanent structure.

Our company provides high-quality aviation hangers for military or commercial use. We proudly recommend Accu-Steel Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings for this industry. To see additional photos of Accu-Steel fabric buildings, view our Photo Gallery.


Accu-Steel Aviation Hangars Benefits

Versatility and Portability: These portable structures have the ability to change configuration, location, or size, making them highly customizable and movable to fit your individual needs and to be adjusted as you need.

Flexibility: Because they can be customized and are very flexible, Accu-Steel buildings are able to support overhead cranes, fire suppression systems, smoke curtains, ventilation equipment, lighting, and more, depending on your requests.

Protection: Each temporary building can include fiberglass insulation for higher R-values to protect your airplanes and keep you comfortable inside.

Clear Span Space: Take advantage of excellent maneuverability inside due to the clear span space and height that no interior supporting columns allow.

Easy Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is required to keep your building as good as new, meaning you can spend more time doing what you love.

Warranty: A 20-year steel and fabric warranty is included, the best in the industry, means that you can trust our buildings.

Durable Fabric: Our covers are made with Enduro-Loc™ technology, the most durable fabric cover available on the market, which means that your assets are kept safe all year-round.

High-Quality Fabric Storage Buildings for Airplanes

Need a place to store your airplane? Accu-Steel’s fabric covered buildings, particularly the Integrity series. This design offers clear span space to house aircraft of various sizes as well as a fairly traditional profile for an aesthetically pleasing design. High sidewalls let you move equipment easier all the way up to the edges of the building, while a flexible design accommodates existing site restrictions. Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings offer a lot of these same benefits for fabric airplane hangars.

Contact our team today to find the best fabric covered building for your new airplane hangar and get started with the design process.