The Accu-Steel Difference

Here at Accu-Steel, we are dedicated to the highest quality standards when it comes to engineering, materials, and construction. In this industry, most manufacturing companies strive for low-cost mass production and wide profit margins. With these things at the top of their list, quality is hardly a priority.

This is what sets Accu-Steel apart: we recognize a need in the marketplace for high quality structures that will last a lifetime. Our company understands the unique needs of your business, and our number one goal is to provide you with a fabric covered building that will rapidly advance your enterprise.

Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Building Advantages

This is what sets our fabric covered buildings apart from the rest:


  • Designed according to the highest engineering standard of the International Building Code (IBC): human occupancy
  • All temporary buildings certified by an independent licensed engineer who then provides the engineering seal on our drawings
  • Able to withstand real wind and snow load conditions
  • Always built with the highest engineering standards and material quality
  • Hot dipped galvanized process to ensure buildings are weather and rustproof


  • Exceptional service after the sale
  • Easy maintenance for fewer service calls
  • Industry-leading warranty


  • Market expertise to ensure your fabric covered buildings are sound investments
  • Customers-first focus
  • Straightforward estimates and processes
  • Fast, convenient, quality installations



Our hot dipped galvanized process and bracing technique are two of the most important components of our durable, stable fabric covered buildings. Accu-Steel ensures the highest quality standards — here’s how:

hot dipped galvanized


All of our products are manufactured at our facility located just outside of Templeton, IA. Thanks to our fantastic facility, we are able to manufacture the highest quality fabric buildings & temporary structures at the lowest ownership cost throughout your building’s lifespan. Our professional team here at Accu-Steel works hard to ensure that every component of our buildings are constructed with excellent care for maximum performance. We don’t believe in cutting corners or compromising, and always strive for the best possible result.

fabric covered buildings

To learn more about Accu-Steel, give us a call today at 1-877-338-6936.