Why Fabric Covered Buildings?

Choosing a fabric covered building for your business will give you advantages that traditional structures simply can’t.

Fabric covered buildings are often referred to as:Fabric Covered Buildings by Accu-Steel

  • Fabric Tension Structures
  • Fabric Tent Structures
  • Fabric Canopy Structures
  • Tension Fabric Building
  • Fabric Shelters
  • Clearspan fabric Buildings
  • Tensioned Fabric Structures
  • Tensile Fabric Structures
  • Clear Span Steel Buildings
  • Coverall Buildings

No matter what it is called, you should know that an Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Building will give you the flexibility and versatility that you and your business needs.  Our open, clear-span fabric buildings are without a doubt a great investment.  If you compare our Crossover building to a traditional metal building, you can see how partnering with Accu-Steel will increase your profits and maximize your productivity. We have a wide range of fabric structure systems, and offer you more options than any other type of building. Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings have been utilized all over the globe.

Fabric Covered Building Benefits

Thanks to our innovative design, our fabric covered buildings offer superior cost control energy savings, and natural temperature regulation over traditional metal buildings and pole barns.

Our powerful but lightweight fabric covered buildings go wherever you need them to, making them the ideal choice for a variety of industries. And while our structures are incredibly strong and durable, they are much easier to install than traditional pole barns or metal buildings.

Adjustable clear-span space, length, and width allow you to control and customize your building for endless possibilities. Our fabric covered buildings also come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes with special features such as lights, conveyors, fans, sprinklers, and anchors.

Our fabric covered buildings require less maintenance than metal buildings or pole barns, and depending on your location, you could be entitled to tax advantages. We have your fabric structures for sale in Iowa and beyond. Fabric covered buildings are ideal for riding arenasequipment storage, commodities, car dealer shelters, tennis facilities, batting ranges, manufacturing facilities, cattle housing, livestock finishing, salt and deicing bulk storage and so much more.

Contact us today to learn more about our permanent and temporary fabric storage building-solutions. We offer a variety of fabric structures for sale made in the USA.

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