Crossover Buildings


When our customers demanded the functionality of a steel structure with the benefits of our fabric covered structures, we delivered. Our Crossover buildings are a remarkable engineering concept created and developed by Accu-Steel. Crossover buildings are covered buildings that can be customized to any size or shape to fit your specific needs. Accu-Steel Crossover buildings offer clear span space, providing you the maximum amount of usable space and allowing for large equipment to easily maneuver within the fabric covered structure.Accu-Steel Crossover buildings provide the flexibility of our other fabric covered structures and the functionality of a steel structure, plus a number of added benefits for virtually any application:

  • Can be customized to the exact size and clearance you need.
  • Will support large doors, conveyors, and sprinklers. Regardless of your application, Crossover buildings can be customized to ensure you're getting the most out of your fabric covered structure.
  • Accu-Steel Crossover buildings can be modified to include eave extensions and interior columns.
  • Reduce energy cost through use of natural light.
  • Install covered buildings faster than steel structures.

If you are in need of fabric structures in the USA or Canada, contact Accu-Steel today!

Completely customizable covered building dimensions

  • Multiple coating options available, depending on your application.
  • HL13 fabric with HYDRA-LOC™ technology.
  • Accu-Keder individual bay cover system.

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Spec Guide

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