Lease Financing Has Many Advantages

Accu-Steel Inc. offers the fabric building finance options for your convenience. Accu-Steel Inc. is not affiliated with these Leasing Companies nor are we responsible for their accuracy of information.

These companies can help you finance your fabric building project. Leasing provides the following advantages:

  • Improves cash flow by allowing deferred payments and flexible payment terms
  • Stretches your budget by allowing payments for buildings over several years
  • May require little or no down payment
  • Finance complete project including site work, building cost, and equipment costs
  • May not require mortgage to be taken on property
  • Provides tax-planning options
  • Extends credit availability

Direct Capital, Fabric Building FinanceDirect Capital
Business Equipment & Technology

Contact your Finance Manager, Jonathan McBride, Finance Manager for Accu-Steel’s Financing Portal. Phone: 603-501-1138 Email: [email protected]

accord, Fabric Building FinanceAccord Financial Group
Agricultural, Commercial

Finance without taking a mortgage on the property. Monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, or harvest-plan payments. Term 1 to 7 years. Call 1-800-347-4977 to speak with Jeff Monnier or visit the website to fill out online application or print application to mail or fax.

Allison Leasing Company, Fabric Building FinanceAllison Leasing Company
Agricultural, Commercial, Municipal

Flexible terms with minimal down payments. The entire cost of  the building project can be leased. Step-up or step-down payments available. Call 1-402-434-7191 to speak with Doron Bonnie or visit the website to print application to fax or mail.

Baystone Financial Group, Fabric Building FinanceBaystone Financial Group
Municipal, Not-for-Profit

Specialize in municipal lease purchase financing. Focus on a prompt response and quick credit approval. Terms of 2 to 15 years. Call 1-888-972-1166 to speak with Tim Doyle or visit our website to print application and mail or fax.

Vicom Leasing, Fabric Building FinanceVicom Leasing
Agricultural, Commercial, Municipal, Personal

100% Financing. No mortgage needed for financing. Offers tailored payments such as deferred payment or cyclical payment. Flexible credit standards. Call 1-800-877-2351 or email [email protected] to contact Jim Hartnett or visit the website to print application and mail or fax.

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