Parts, Service, and Replacement Covers

As your full-service fabric-covered building supplier, we can service any building anywhere, even if it's not an Accu-Steel building. We have quality parts and supplies in stock and ready to ship, available for order Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time. For the most current pricing, call 1-877-253-4274 to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable parts and supplies specialists — and we'll get you what you need, when and where you need it.

Replacement covers With our replacement covers, you can modify or upgrade any fabric-covered building. If you have an old Cover-All® building, we can fix it. You can also add a Keder track system to any current monolithic building.   
Zinc rich paint – 13 oz. can – 35% zinc Matches color of hot-dip galvanization. This paint will help you if your building steel was pre-galvanized. 31555000
Aluminum Keder track – 24' sections Available in flat-bottom, round bottom, open top, or pound-in top. Pre-punched with 4" centers. Aluminum is type 6062 T6. 91180000
Keder screws Specifically designed to be used in our pre-punched aluminum Keder track. 27070000
Keder lubricant – 1 gallon Specifically formulated to assist in pulling Keder through the track and to work well in low temperatures. 911850000
2" single-hole ratchet winch – 11,000 lb. Both lefts and rights available – please specify on your order. 3/4" hole.  36235000
2" natural color webbing Matches the exterior of our buildings and is designed to be UV stable. 31540000
1" ratchet with 72" of 1,500 lb. webbing Replaces the traditional single piece lacing. 31595000
1" black webbing – 1,500 lb. Designed to be UV stable and corrosion proof. Will work with 1" black lacing. 27450000
1" dual tension lock Use in place of the 1"ratchet in a highly corrosive environment. 27445000
1/2" x 6" eye – jaw turnbuckle with jam nuts Hot-dipped galvanized corrosion protection.  27145000
12" x 25" adhesive backed patch material Available in multiple colors and developed with an exclusive Accu-Steel glue adhesive for maximum performance.   
A 325 fasteners Engineered structural galvanized bolts.  
1/4" 7x19 galvanized cable High-strength and corrosion-resistant. 27005000
3/8" 7x19 galvanized cable High-strength and corrosion-resistant. 270150000
3/16" plastic coated cable Great replacement for the Conestoga seatbelt lacing. 630316000
1/2" poly rope Specially designed for Accu-Steel Keder track system.  63030901