Cattle Cabana


The Accu-Steel Cattle Cabana was developed to be the ultimate in beef cattle barns and to maximize cattle performance in higher temperatures. This innovative cattle barn design reduces heat stress and improves feed intake among your herd, decreasing your time to market. Our cattle facilities and cattle buildings lead the way in durability and productivity.

The 50-foot-wide Cattle Cabana includes a 24-foot-tall center steel beam that offers a 14-foot equipment clearance, for one of the most versatile cattle buildings in the industry. The durable steel-frame, center-post design allows for fence line or feed apron installations.

The Cattle Cabana offers excellent value with a number of year-round benefits:

  • Reduces heat stress and improves animal health; keeps cattle cool and calm in higher temperatures, and serves as the ultimate in beef cattle barns
  • Greatly reduces dust for improved herd health and performance, offering unparalleled comfort in the cattle buildings industry
  • Maximizes feed efficiency and accelerates time to market
  • HL13 fabric with HYDRA-LOC™ technology deflects heat and UV rays while filtering bright, natural light to cattle; includes 10-year factory warranty
  • Edge ventilation provides superior air quality
  • Minimizes weather risk and increases daily efficiencies for more predictable performance and returns
  • Innovative cattle barn designs are perfect no matter what your herd size
  • Created for long-term cattle facilities use with the flexibility of our other temporary buildings

Building Profiles

The Accu-Steel Cattle Cabana stands 24 feet tall by 50 feet wide, offering a wide area of shade for your herd while providing a 14-foot equipment clearance for easy and efficient equipment maneuverability. Download our Cattle Cabana brochure to learn more.