Calving Under Roof Field-Day

Accu-Steel will be at the Calving Under Roof Field-Day hosted by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers in conjunction with the building owners. Thanks to our innovative design, your herd will have relief from the hot summer sun, while remaining safe and dry during the winter months. Our structures offer more comfort and flexibility than any other fabric covered building you have seen before. Our Cow/Calf buildings are specifically designed for the needs of your business and the comfort of your herd. With excellent air flow and quality, your animals will remain healthy and stress free. At the Calving Under Roof Field-Day there will be presentations and testimonials on the benefits of calving under roof, followed by tours of the building to get an up-close look at the structure.

logoWhen and Where?

We look forward to meeting you on August 25, 2016 starting at 10 AM and ending at 2:30 PM in Linden, Iowa!

For more information on the Calving Under Roof Field-Day

Please visit the Coalition’s website at

Hoop Buildings vs Pole Barns

Many agricultural operations will use pole barn construction for a quick and inexpensive solution for their building and storage needs. Pole barns are known for their fast and easy construction, inexpensive materials, and versatile options. However, as we all know, what you pay for is what you get. Although pole buildings are the quicker and cheaper route, you may want to consider the consequences before you construct one.

Pole Barns – the disadvantagebarn-886479_1920

The frame of a pole barn is made of wooden beams buried into the ground, with either wooden or tin walls bolted onto them. With this type of construction, the poles can move over time and be prone to decay, which can cause serious structural damage that may be irreversible. Since pole building materials are wooden, your building will be susceptible to water damage during rainy seasons, and in places where the humidity is high, you will face constant water problems. Wooden materials also attract termites, bees, beetles, and other insects and pests.

Hoop Buildings – made to last

If you are wanting a durable, long lasting building that can withstand all weather conditions and is extremely versatile, invest in a hoop building by Accu-Steel. Our hoop buildings are made with a galvanized steel frame that won’t rust or corrode over time. They are also covered by HL13 fabric with HYDRA-LOC™ technology, the most durable tensile fabric cover available on the market today.


Since the steel frame of a hoop building is anchored to a concrete foundation, you will be provided with long lasting stability and support. Not only do our galvanized steel frames resist weather, but they are also resistant to fire. Steel buildings do not require the maintenance that pole buildings do – you will never have to re-paint or repair.


Another advantage that steel hoop buildings provide is their clear span space. In a pole barn, the interior space is obstructed by wooden poles. Hoop buildings offer vast interior space and height without you having to navigate around posts and beams. This type of construction is ideal to provide livestock with unobstructed floor space, and to provide maneuverability for large equipment and vehicles.


All in all, the benefits of steel construction far surpass those of the pole barn. If you want to make a good investment for your business, choose hoop buildings by Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings today.


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See our buildings in person!

Visit us at the 2016 Iowa State Fair from August 11th through the 21st in Des Moines, IA.Farm Progress

Come see our display building on the fairgrounds between the Skyride and Jacobson Riding Arena.


You can also visit us at the 2016 Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA from August 30th through September 1st. Our display building will be available to see here as well.

Interest Gearing up for NJPA

Accu Steel recently attended the 2016 APWA North American Snow Conference in Hartford, CT and the 2016 Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters conference in Portland, OR. From east to west, we saw interest in using NJPA national cooperative contract purchasing.howtopurchase[1]

Temporary Buildings: The Advantage

When you think of temporary buildings, you may not associate them with words like strong, durable, and easily maintainable. However, temporary structures can provide the same strength of a traditional building, while offering advantages that permanent structures simply can’t.


Our temporary buildings are designed with an open and adjustable clear span space, and constructed with galvanized steel and the highest quality tensile fabric on the market. These portable buildings are able to withstand intense weather conditions such as rain, snow, and heavy winds. Our innovative design not only makes these buildings extremely durable, but also incredibly energy efficient. Temporary fabric covered buildings offer natural temperature regulation which decreases your energy expenses.

Low Maintenance & Versatile Portable Structures

What is the advantage of a temporary building?Another advantage of temporary buildings is that they are relocatable and extremely versatile. Portable structures can go wherever you need them to go without much hassle or time, which makes them an ideal choice for a variety of industries. Many of our clients invest in portable and temporary buildings for military housing, commodity storage, boat storage, agricultural needs, and more.


Temporary buildings can be installed much more quickly and easily compared to a post frame building or pole barn. They also offer a wide variety of options for customization with their adjustable clear span space. You can choose from a selection of colors, styles, and shapes along with additions such as fans, lights, sprinklers, conveyors, and anchors.


Lastly, temporary buildings require much less maintenance than your traditional metal or hoop building. With the low operating cost of a temporary building, your business’ profits will increase.

Choose Accu-Steel Temporary Fabric Buildings

Accu-Steel’s temporary and portable buildings are ideal for cattle sheds, livestock housing, riding arenas, car dealer shelters, sports facilities, batting ranges, manufacturing warehouses, equipment storage, commodities, salt and deicing, bulk storage, and much more. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can increase your products and maximize your productivity with a temporary building!


Iowa Cattle Industry Convention & BeefMeets

image001The Iowa Cattle Industry Convention has traditionally been held in Des Moines in December, offering education, networking, policy discussions and a robust trade show. This year, in an effort to make it easier for cattlemen from across the state to participate, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is hosting four regional “BeefMeets” instead. Each BeefMeet will incorporate 5-6 educational seminars, district meetings and elections, grassroots issues surfacing and a trade show. No matter what your interest is in the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association or beef industry, there will be something there for you! Our BeefMeets theme this year is “Driving to Success.” Each of the educational sessions will provide practical strategies for producers of all types to increase their profitability and farming success.


Dates and Locations:
Educational sessions 8:30 – 5:00; social to follow
June 22: Northwest Regional BeefMeet, Spencer
June 23: Northeast Regional BeefMeet, Independence
June 28: Southwest Regional BeefMeet, Atlantic
June 29: Southeast Regional BeefMeet, Riverside Casino
Online registration and sponsorship opportunities are available HERE.
A downloadable registration and sponsorship form are available HERE.


Questions? Call 515-296-2266.

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