The Accu-Steel Promise

We promise to deliver a full-range of high-quality fabric-covered buildings at the best possible price. Our recommendations will have your unique business objectives in mind and every member of our staff is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional level of service and support. That’s our commitment to you.  

Recent Projects

Two Accu-Steel Crossover buildings were recently completed in Seattle, Wash. to house a year-round public tennis facility.
Location: Seattle, Washington

A new 80’ by 280’ cattle crossover will house up to 560 heads.
Location: Manning, Iowa

A 60' by 416' cattle building will house up to 624 heads near Beaver Crossing
Location: Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

SBK Farm and Ranch constructs cattle building to hold up to 123 heads
Location: Gerald, Missouri

News & Events

Sale of an Accu-Steel Advantage building by bid will benefit foundation.

See Accu-Steel at “The Show for Snow” May 4-6 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Hedgewood Equipment to offer highest quality fabric covered buildings to customers throughout the Midwest.

Accu-Steel commodity storage buildings qualify for USDA enhanced Farm Storage and Facility Loan Program.